University Medical Center Foundation

University Medical Center Foundation of El Paso


The mission of the University Medical Center Foundation is to develop and support programs that promote the health, wellness, and quality of life for all El Pasoans. 

UMC Foundation is the beneficiary of the dreams of every community leader who envisioned a unified medical campus; of every champion who fought for a four-year medical school; of every mother and father with a heartfelt desire to treat their sick child close to home, family and friends; of a community that endorsed a children's hospital so that their children could have the best health care possible. Each one wanted what we all want… a healthy life for ourselves and for those we love.

As a Foundation, we are the keeper of dreams come true. We are the reminder that today's dreams are tomorrow's healthy children, tomorrow's new and improved drug or miracle cure. We are the reminder that a community that is poor is not necessarily without resources, that simple gifts can bring about change, and that through your desires, hopes and dreams, you can make a difference.