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Couplet Care


Couplet care is the belief that
babies should be with their mothers.

Couplet care gives Mom and baby the best start.While traditional nursery care is available to all families who deliver at the new Women and Infants Pavilion, one of the most exciting options is the chance to experience "couplet care." Unlike the traditional approach, in which new babies are cared for in a separate nursery by a dedicated nursery staff, couplet care places newborns in the same room with their mothers until both go home. A single nurse attends to the needs of both mom and baby.

While the participation of a father or partner in the actual birth has become routine, couplet care at the Women and Infants Pavilion also allows them to be present for the duration of mother's and baby's stay at the hospital. Couplet care rooms include extra sleeping accommodations, and there are no limitations on how long or how often fathers visit. Couplet Care places an emphasis on a mother and baby being cared for together, by the same physicians, nurses and medical staff. The maternal/infant staff of University Medical Center of El Paso follows this care unless otherwise clinically indicated.
Benefits of Couplet Care:

  • One nurse cares for both mother and baby
  • Baby remains at mother's bedside

Couplet Care enhances the birth experience:

  • Personalized care provides a better education for parents
  • Mom is prepared to go home with confidence
  • Maternal-infant bonding is promoted
  • Family-centered care is a priority
  • Support is provided through lactation initiation and breast feeding
  • Mother has peace of mind with her baby at her bedside
  • No special moments are missed