Marcy Aboud Infusion Boutique

Marcy Aboud Infusion Boutique

Known as "God's gift to her family and friends for 55 precious years" Marcy Aboud passed away in the Fall of 2008 after a long battle with cancer. She was known for her infectious laugh, compassion and tenderness. A graduate of UTEP and a teacher with the El Paso Independent School District, Marcy loved her family and valued her friends and her family equally wanted to honor her love of life and kindness by establishing the Marcy Aboud Boutique at UMC El Paso's Infusion Center.

The dedication was given in 2014 and the Marcy Aboud Infusion Boutique provides a comforting and supporting environment for women who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The Boutique provides:

  • A specially trained staff and volunteers who help cancer patients with changes in their physical appearance as a result of their treatment.
  •  Personalized assistance with wig fittings, scarves, head wrap typing techniques, skin care and make-up advice. 

More than  (total since 2014) 6,510 patients with a cancer diagnosis have been been welcomed at The Marcy Aboud Boutique. Of these, 1,100 patients were diagnosed with breast cancer.