Camino de Carino/Caring Road to Recovery

A Resource for the Community's Vulnerable

Camino de Carino su Salud/Caring Road to Recovery has served over 2,500 patients through the Emergency Department to help low-income, homeless and distressed patients who at the time of discharge cannot afford their prescriptions or durable medical equipment needed to recover at home or at a shelter if they are homeless.

This program is a significant resource for the community's homeless population including veterans and seniors with chronic conditions.







Donors make a difference through Camino de Carino para su Salud/Caring Road to Recovery.

The Foundation is grateful for the grants given by The Stern Foundation, Mary L. Peyton Foundation, Wilma Moleen Foundation, and J. J. Smith Foundation for this important program. Your support increases the resources needed to help such a vulnerable patient who desperately needs medical assistance. 

Donors interested in more information on Camino de Carino para su Salud/Caring Road to Recovery can email, call 915/521-7229 or click here to donate.