Foundation Funds "A Matter of Balance" for Older Adults

Funded by University Medical Center Foundation, "A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns about Falls" is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase the activity level among adults 55 and older.

"We need this program," said Mrs. Davey Johnson who is now teaching the course at University Medical Center. "This is a wonderful gift to our community. I am thrilled it is here."

"A Matter of Balance" (MOB) is evidenced-based and has demonstrated significant improvements for older adults regarding their level of falls management/falls control, increased sense of balance and exercise and social limitations with regard to concerns about falling. MOB is being taught throughout the U.S. at facilities in 41 states.

Mrs. Johnson learned about MOB and its information when she fell out of her wheelchair. A double amputee, she took the course in Phoenix and later was trained to teach. She has been teaching the course in El Paso since 2014.

 "The Foundation gives the merit that I hope will open the door to the community. Everyday," said Mrs. Johnson, "someone tells me, 'I fell!'  and they show me their black eyes."  

Congratulations to the following who made "A Matter of Balance" possible at University Medical Center. Clockwise: Mrs. Davey Johnson, instructor (seated), Blanca R. Ornelas-Delgado, Clinic Nurse Supervisor Joshua Tovar, Healthcare Intern and David Kyle, Healthcare Intern. 

The program is designed to benefit older adults who are concerned about falls; have sustained falls in the past, restrict activities because of concerns about falling and are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength. 

For more information on the four-week course, contact Joshua Tovar at 915-799-1580.