In Remembrance of the August 3rd Shooting

In Remembrance of the August 3rd Shooting, UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundations Honor the Two Hospitals It Serves

El Paso, TX (July 31, 2020) We at University Medical Center and El Paso Children's Hospital Foundations stand in awe, gratitude and solemn appreciation for the two hospitals we serve. We are deeply proud of our association with the District’s hospital for adults and El Paso's only not for profit Children's Miracle Network Hospital for every infant, child and teen. Every day, these  two  hospitals support El Paso and the surrounding region with a ferocious dedication represented in their respective missions to heal, serve and educate and to provide compassionate, coordinated family-centered care for children.


On August 3, 2019, our community and peaceful city found itself attacked through a hate crime to leave 23 people dead. Some were shopping for school supplies. Some dashed into Walmart for a last minute item. None deserved death. None of their families deserved losing their precious loved ones. We mourn them all. One year is still too tender.


We remember. We react. We cry and we fall to our knees asking for healing. We revere our associates made up of physicians, surgeons, nurses, administration and more for finding within themselves the light to lead the way in our darkest moment. They worked tirelessly for weeks, around the clock, day after day, minute by precious minute to save lives.


We have made the sign of the heart with our hands for a solid year now. In addition, we will continue never to forget:


We are El Paso Strong.


Thank you, University Medical Center of El Paso. Thank you, El Paso Children's Hospital. We have never been more proud to say we work for you. We raise funds in your honor; to give you whatever you need to continue to produce the stellar work you achieved then and for what you are doing now and still to do. Our hearts are full in your service.


Estela Casas, Executive Director of UMC and El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundations