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Drowning Prevention Coalition

It only takes a second.

Welcome to the Drowning Prevention Coalition (DPC) of El Paso, a community-based outreach organization, raising awareness in the community on water safety.

Following an astonishing 78 child drownings in the state of Texas in 2009, 5 of which occurred in El Paso, the DPC formed in March of 2010 to develop and support training and community education efforts, prevent drownings, near drownings and other water related incidents in El Paso County.

The DPC’s message, “Respect the Water” bases its crucial importance around the awareness of “It Only Takes a Second.” This alarming message carries a lifesaving reminder every year as swimming season comes around, emphasizing the importance of constant vigilance and extra precautions when children are around water.

Over 30 community organizations have joined forces with the DPC to maximize outreach efforts for water safety in El Paso. Together, through community togetherness and action, the DPC’s mission is to ensure that water related tragedies no longer occur.