About UMC

100 Years of Caring

UMC's roots lie in community care that began with virtually no resources at the turn of the century. 
From the two-story adobe building on the river to the regional medical center of today is a 100 year road of compassion, community pride, evolution of medical science and research and a commitment to care. 

Today UMC's health care complex includes:

  • 394 bed University Medical Center of El Paso
  • Six UMC Neighborhood Health Centers that provide the missing link in primary care
  • El Paso First Health Plans, Inc. a wholly owned HMO
  • University Medical Center Foundation

The primary academic teaching institution for the Paul F. Foster School of Medicine and Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, over 450 academic and community physicians provide a full array of specialty services, many the most advanced in the region.  Seated in Medical Center of Americas, additonal slated development promises the burgeoning medical center that El Paso once only dreamed of.

Rich in history, El Paso is still one of the top 100
poorest communities in the United States.  The nineteenth largest city in the U.S. by population, one out of every four El Pasoans lives below the Federal Poverty level.  As El Paso's only not-for-profit public hospital, UMC serves all El Pasoans.  The El Paso County Hospital District received $86 million in tax dollars in 2015 and returned over $355 millon dollars in uncompensated care.

Funded patients pay for unfunded patients.  When unfunded patients receive the medical care they need it means a productive life, a family preserved, a job maintained and economic viability that would quickly spiral away without the most precious resource any of us have...our health.

The care provided by UMC affects the health of one out of every two El Pasoans...not nameless faces.  Our neighbors, our co-workers, our friends, our loved ones. Our mission?  We want you well.