UMC Foundation relies on the community’s involvement in order to carry out its mission. We continually develop innovative ways to support University Medical Center of El Paso (UMC). Through dedicated community partners, grant funders, and generous donors, we help improve healthcare outcomes for patients and their families by:

The Foundation’s chief attributes and catalysts for good are as follows:

  • Policy of Accountability & Fiduciary Responsibility – As part of the El Paso County Hospital District, UMC Foundation maintains high-profile visibility and remains accountable to the people that support its philanthropic endeavors. The Foundation’s stewardship of donated funds and property is rooted in widely-accepted accounting and grants management principles, and is reflected in the organization’s financial audits and its annual IRS Form 990 published in, the most complete and current national database/registry of non-profit organizations.
  • Institutional Knowledge and Capacity – The UMC Foundation Team is committed to data-based decision-making, strategic philanthropic efforts, a long-term sustainability plan, and a comprehensive evaluation plan to assess progress and report results back to the community.
  • Stakeholder involvement – Recognizing the importance of civic involvement, partner organizations with mutually-beneficial goals, as well as small and corporate businesses giving of their time and financial support to bolster fundraising events.
  • Community engagement – The Foundation’s donorship pool, comprised of caring and compassionate community members, form an essential bloodline to the Foundation’s philanthropic endeavors. This work ranges from hosting monthly car seat safety events for families in the greater El Paso area, to the support of Sobreviviendo el Cáncer Programs as well as providing volunteer opportunities.


Key Board Activities:

UMC Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors responsible for the organization's strategic plan and is led by B. Abigail Tarango, Ph.D., Executive Director. The Board of Directors provides the overarching direction for fundraising through bylaws, written strategic plans, and fiduciary responsibility. The Board of Directors provides civic and community advocacy to promote the Foundation’s funding needs. These messages are delivered to constituents as well as leaders, in order to encourage donations and support for UMC. Board members serve in the following subcommittees: Executive, Bylaw Review, Finance, Investment, Nominating, Retreat, and Ad-Hoc subcommittees, as needed.


Depending on the level and type of donation, the UMC Foundation team is able to discuss with past, current or prospective donors the following giving options and provide them with more detailed information:

In gaining a pathway to high-quality health care, a majority of patients need assistance to defray costs associated with their hospitalization and care. As the designated philanthropic organization for UMC of El Paso, UMC Foundation raises funds through the procurement and acquisition of grants, major gifts, bequests, and donations. Moreover, through annual fundraisers and the unwavering support from its donors, UMC Foundation is able to support hospital services that may not be sufficiently covered through any other means. These fundraising efforts help complete a well-rounded philanthropic portfolio as revenues generated through fundraising are targeted to direct patient care, helping cover medical services costs for persons and families who cannot otherwise afford them, and purchasing needed supplies and state-of-the-art equipment for hospital departments so that they maintain the highest standards of hospital care.

Any and all donations help to pave the way to better health outcomes and increase the quality of life in our area. When requested, the UMC Foundation team can meet with donors with a deep personal connection to UMC of El Paso and to the region. The team can discuss the most pressing health care needs in order to help the donor know how their contributions are a good investment for the community, and how outcomes are measured after a donation is made.


Key Grant Research and Development Activities:

Research and technical writing are essential for grant proposal development and acquisition to support UMC. Through grant coordination and writing, UMC Foundation is able to support service lines across departments to address crucial areas of need. The Foundation work closely with hospital departments to develop grant proposals to government agencies, private foundations, as well as to other potential funders. The Foundation strives to maintain a positive return on investment through grants, sustain a successful record of grant acquisitions, and maintain evaluation methods to monitor and analyze outcomes and overall impact.