The El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program holds free car seat safety events one Saturday a month. At the event, certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will evaluate your child’s car seat to make sure it is the appropriate size for your child’s age, height and weight. Technicians will also verify whether or not the car seat meets current safety standards and is properly installed in the vehicle. If they determine that a new car seat is needed, and the appropriate car seat is available, one will be provided by the program free of charge. Your technician will then teach you how to install the car seat in your vehicle, buckle your child properly, and provide you with additional child passenger safety education. If your current car seat does not need to be replaced, your technician will make sure that the parent/caregiver is able to correctly install the car seat and buckle up the child. Additional child passenger safety education will be provided to parent/caregiver and the technician will be able to address questions and concerns.

There are no eligibility requirements in terms of income or residency to register for this event. However, the child/children must be present at the event unless they are not yet born. Please contact Carolyn Williams at (915) 521-7229, ext. 80528 or for more information.

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The El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Program will assist expectant mothers with a child passenger safety evaluation. However, expectant mothers must be in their third trimester when they attend the car seat safety event. Expectant mothers in their third trimester are eligible to attend an El Paso Health Car Seat Safety Event.

We aplogize, but we can only accept six children per form.

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