Donor Impact

 Higher Level of Care Where Once There Was None.

As a donor, it is essential to be able to measure the impact of gifts no matter the size. Donations to University Medical Center involve generations of people in the Southwest, especially in El Paso. The level of unprecedented medical care, economic development and health related change is because of the donations received. 

As the only not-for-profit, community-owned hospital, accredited by The Joint Commission, UMC is a licensed, acute care facility with the only teaching hospital in our region. UMC serves as a fortress of accessibility to enhance the health and wellness of the El Paso community by making high quality, affordable healthcare services available to all. UMC operates under the District’s CARE Values of Community, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. As a two-time recipient of the National Association of Public Hospitals & Health Systems’ Community Engagement Award as well as presented with the organization’s President’s Award for the incredible transformation that has taken place in recent years, University Medical Center’s presence is a gem in our city of more than 800,000 people. 

Before University Medical Center, the El Paso community did not have access to these vital services:

 The Paul L. Foster School of Medicine

Paul F. Foster
The region’s four-year medical school on the Texas/Mexico border, a leader in educational innovation. All students must learn medical Spanish. They do not wait until their third year of study, but rather begin clinical work in the first year. 



Scherr Legate Trauma Center
Scherr Legate Trauma Center

El Paso’s only Level 1 Trauma Center is Scherr Legate Trauma Center within a 280-mile radius.   24 hours a day, seven days a week, a 15-member Trauma Team of physicians, nurses, technicians, therapists and ancillary staff can be assembled within a moment's notice.



The Sobreviviendo El Cancer/Surviving Cancer Program.




Helping more than 6,000 low-income, indigent and homeless cancer patients who are at risk of failing to comply with their treatment plan due to finances, UMC sees as many as 150 breast cancer surgeries in one month. 





The Nurse-Family Partnership




NFP is a two-year nurse home visitation program for first-time, low-income mothers, especially teen moms and their babies.








Areas of Focus

Comprehensive Stroke Center 

University Medical Center is the first and only hospital in El Paso to have 24/7 coverage by an Interventional Neurologist. A rapidly growing program, it is committed to providing life-saving care to victims of stroke. UMC’s team of experts stay up-to-date with the latest medical treatment and technology and are dedicated to building a Comprehensive Stroke Center. As a Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center, the team specializes in life-saving stroke care and works in a timely manner to diagnose, treat and to provide early rehabilitation to stroke patients.


Center for Diagnostic and Advanced Endoscopy 
Donor Impact Endoscopy

University Medical Center brings a higher level of care to the El Paso community and region by investing in state-of-the-art technology, recruiting skilled nurses and in partnering with Board-certified physician experts to create the area’s most advanced gastroenterology facility in El Paso. The experience of our highly skilled team is unmatched in the region and has quickly become a regional referral center for gastroenterologists across West Texas and Southern New Mexico. In addition to traditional procedures such as endoscopes and colonoscopes, the Center features advanced care only available at UMC. Such advanced procedures allow the specialized team quickly and accurately to diagnose and treat digestive illnesses such as Barrett’s Esophagus, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Crohn’s Disease, gallstones and ulcers.

Equipment: Covidian Halo Ablation, $145,000

HALO ablation technology is a safe procedure using radio waves to deliver heat through a catheter to eliminate any diseased tissue in the esophagus. Healthy tissue is left untouched and allowed to continue to grow. Treatment of suspicious lesions can dramatically decrease and prevent esophageal cancer. 


Scherr Lagate Trauma Center 

The only Level I Trauma Center within a 280-mile radius, University Medical Center of El Paso is committed to the treatment of those affected by trauma of all ages and as a leader in the prevention of trauma within the community we serve. We operate within both the Texas trauma system and New Mexico trauma system which involves coordination of trauma care delivery among other trauma centers, EMS agencies, and state and local government agencies. Being a Level I Trauma Center means University Medical Center of El Paso has committed to maintaining a full-range of specialties and resources available 24 hours a day. These services include: trauma surgery, orthopedic services, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, oral-maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology, obstetrical and gynecological surgery and more.

Donors Make a Difference in Impact.


Rotem Delta, $59,000

Aesculap Trauma Trays, $36,601 


Grants by Mary Peyton, Moleen and Shiloff $51,000

Infusion Center for Sobreviviendo, $32,500

Chemotherapy Infusion Center

The East Tower’s all new Chemotherapy and Infusion Center features easy access from the guest parking garage to a large 15-bay facility. Large windows overlooking a garden provide natural healing light to the adult patients’ treatment area. Each area features a plush reclining chair, flat screen TV with DVD and space for family or friends. Treatment areas are positioned around a nurse’s station that serves as the central point for patient and treatment monitoring.

Equipment: Susan G. Komen grant, $22,500


UMC’s new iLab offers uncompromising client care, competitive pricing and a broad range of laboratory services. It is a state-of-the-art clinical and anatomical lab specializing in providing diagnostic testing. Services include: consultative and diagnostic interpretations in the fields of Hematopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Renal Pathology, Molecular, and Bone Marrow Pathology. Clinical testing is offered 24/7 with most in-house tests resulting within hours.