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Volunteers Make a (BIG) Difference

Healing comes in many ways, not only by medical intervention, but by the touch of a hand, a shared smile, or a generous spirit.

The Foundation Volunteer Corps is comprised of a diverse group of friends, co-workers, students and community members from ages 9 to 90 who selflessly contribute their time, energy and compassion to support mission-driven activities and programs of the UMC Foundation in order to make a difference in their community. Does this sound like you?


Core skills

The mission of the Foundation is to develop and support programs that promote the health, wellness, and quality of life for all El Pasoans. Foundation Volunteer Corps is a vital component to successfully achieving this mission.We ask that new volunteers attend orientation in order to learn more about the Foundation's programs, volunteer expectations, and an overview of volunteer opportunities that will be available throughout the year. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities requiring various skill sets and availability. 

You can learn new skills, discover tools to support your career, or simply enjoy the benefits of meaningful service. Whether you have one hour or many to give, by volunteering your time, participating in events, or serving as a community partner, you will truly "make a difference."


  To register or if you’d like more information regarding the program, please call the Carolyn Williams, Volunteer Corps Program Manager at 915-521-7229, ext. 80528.






Volunteer opportunities take place at UMC or at community events, activities and programs or at the Foundation office. All interested volunteers are given an opportunity to participate.

Once you have registered online, you will receive an email confirming your registration. You will also receive an email inviting you to the next Volunteer Corps Orientation for new volunteers.

UMC Foundation Volunteer Orientation

We ask that new volunteer attend orientation in order to learn more about the Foundation's programs, volunteer expectation, and an overview of volunteer opportunities that will be available throughout the year.


CORE Skills Training

Core skills training
Training volunteers that have attended orientation will be invited to complete CORE Skills Training on Communication, Consensus Building, Conflict Resolution and Compassion. CORE Skills Training is designed to emplower effective communication, teamwork and coping skills to meet advertsity in every area of the participant's life. The trainings are typically on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 4 pm. Lunch and snacks are provided and the cost of the training is covered by Foundation Volunteer Corps. In return, we ask each volunteer to complete a service learning project (service learning projects) or volunteer 10 hours a year.

  Volunteer Corps Leadership Opportunities

Volunteer Congress
Volunteer Leaders have an increased level of responsibility within the Volunteer Corps. This is a great opportunity for volunteers that are looking to gain leadership experience and/or dedicate more of their time to community service. Volunteer Leaders will be asked to assist in preparation for events, take on more challenging volunteer positions and, as needed, supervise other volunteers. 





Volunteer Corps School Ambassador Opportunities

The Volunteer Corps Foundation School Ambassador Program is designed to provide youth ages 8 to 18 leadership opportunities in volunteerism, community organizing and leadership development.

Being a School Ambassador is a great opportunity for any student who is looking to experience personal growth, and broaden their skills and knowledge for employment and/or higher education. In order to be an Ambassador, students have to be appointed to the program by their school's faculty or administration.

Good ambassador candidates are reliable, self-motivated and have a desire to make a difference in their community. For more information, call Carolyn Williams, 915-521-7229, ext. 80528.


 Volunteer Congress


Volunteer Congress


 In addition to providing support services to patients and families, the Volunteer Corps adds long-term impact on the programs and patient care at both University Medical Center and El Paso Children's through Volunteer Congress. Volunteer Congress is the final component of the "learning to give" cycle and a unique opportunity for Foundation volunteers to learn more about the work and efforts of both hospitals, as well as to become an important donor. 

Volunteers review grants applications and hear presentations from both hospitals' department leaders requesting a grant. Following the presentations, volunteers ask questions, discuss, vote and determine whether to fund the request, and how much money to award. 

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You make a difference in Foundation Volunteer Corps

Infant and Child Vehicle Safety Seats, Scherr Legate Trauma Center,  $2,200


When correctly installed and used properly according to weight and height, child safety seats can prevent injuries and save lives. A parent's financial need should not hinder being able to provide an appropriately sized safety seat for the infant or child. 





Rehab supplies, Rehabilitative Services' Keep You Moving, $6,670

When patients cannot afford the necessary assistive devices such as walkers or wheelchairs or wound care supplies, orthotist fitted footwear or prosthesis after surgery, their problems become compounded with more problems. Keep You Moving helps with these important necessitities.



PVI Registry Database for Carotid Interventions, Neuroscience, $5,000

The carotidsarteries are the large blood vessels in the neck that carry blood to the  brain. If the flow of blood through these arteries suddenly is blocked, the result is a stroke. The PVI Registry assesses the prevalence, demographics, management and outcomes of patients undergoing Carotid artery stenting (CAS), an endovascular surgery where a stent is placed with the carotid artery to prevent a stroke. The PVI Registry provides data collection and helps clinicans with decision-making data as to where the next round of care should be applied. The Registry supports UMC's goal in becoming a comprehensive stroke center and a greater opportunity in research studies.


Neighborhood Healthcare Centers

The Neighborhood Healthcare Centers at East II and the Ysleta Clinic receive thousands of patient visits a year. During these visits, every patient is given at least one medication during their visit and are given a prescription. Often a patient returns and has not improved and cannot fill the prescription due to a lack the finances. The Medication Funding program helps patients with medications that come from the UMC Pharmacy. This program helps patients improve their medical treatment and overall health while decreasing their stress. 

Rehab supplies - $6,670

Many patients need the help of Rehabiltative Services' Keeping You Moving program when they have permanent disabilities or temporary changes due to injuries. This program makes a significant impact in patients' quality of life by easing the economic burden of their health care especially when it requires devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, hip kits and diabetic orthotist fitted shoes. 



Bariatric and General Use Stretcher for Intensive Care Unit -

On a daily basis, there are instances where a stretcher is needed for patient transport and it is vital to have one ready rather than making the patient wait or to be transported by bed and slows down the workflow. This particular stretcher is versatile, 30 inches wide with a weight capacity of 700 lbs. 



 Evis Exera III Tower - Endoscopy -  $42,275

Designed as a universal imaging platform for endoscopic and surgical procedures across multiple healthcare specialties, the platoform is setting the standards for gastroenterology, bronchoscopy and surgical.