Program Overview

  • Improving positive health outcomes
  • Providing needed medication and medical supplies
  • Improving/sustaining quality of life for patients
  • Promoting more effective care by family members/caregivers
  • Providing basic necessities to aid in recovery
  • Temporary financial assistance based on need

Funded and Facilitated by UMC Foundation

The Compassionate Care Fund offers relief to patients that are uninsured and financially challenged. The program assists patients and their families with urgent needs that create a barrier to the patient’s discharge from the hospital, and/or successful recovery at home. Even beyond that, the program provides peace of mind for patients experiencing extreme financial burdens as a result of their diagnosis. Support from the Compassionate Care Fund can help a family not have to decide between paying for medication or paying for utilities or groceries.

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Many of the families served at UMC have limited  resources that are further stretched by a sudden illness or injury. Hospitalization often negatively impacts the family’s income, livelihood, and quality of life, especially when the patient provides the main source of income for the family. The program is designed to assist with requests such as food, medical supplies, medication assistance, utility assistance, medical visit co-pays, and transportation. Each case we encounter is unique depending on the patient’s medical condition, their family size and dynamics. What all of our patients have in common are insurmountable difficulties meeting life’s most basic needs in the face of a long hospital stay, or catastrophic injury.

Providing assistance to patients allows them to progress in their medical treatment and healing without the added stress of financial woes. The relief provided by the fund is temporary assistance while their social worker connects them with long-term solutions to meet their needs.


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Compassionate Care Program

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