Program Overview

  • Provide wigs for patients in need
  • Offer accessories such as scarves, hats and jewelry
  • Beauty consultations with experts
  • Emotional support for those experiencing appearance changes
  • Provide resources for Oncology patients
  • Items provided free of charge

Funded by UMC Foundation – Facilitated by UMC Care Management

Changes to a patient’s hair, skin, and general physical appearance can be one of the most difficult challenges they face after their cancer diagnosis. That is why the Marcy Aboud Infusion Boutique was created as a resource for oncology patients experiencing the side effects of their treatment. Located inside the UMC Infusion Center, the welcoming boutique provides an opportunity for patients to make a selection from a variety of items including wigs, hats, turbans, and scarves, fragrance-free lotions, and jewelry. These items may seem trivial, but to the patients served by the program, they provide a touchstone to a sense of normalcy and provide hope.

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The Foundation funds the boutique, which allows for all items to be provided free of charge to the patient. Monetary donations are used to ensure that patients undergoing cancer treatment can gain a sense of confidence in their appearance and receive invaluable emotional support through those who work for the program. The Foundation also accepts in-kind donations of new wigs, hats, scarves, fragrance-free lotions, and jewelry to make available to patients. Those who donate either understand or quickly learn that even the smallest donation can make a world of difference for someone whose world has been turned upside down.


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