Program Overview

  • Fellowships for medical professionals
  • Coordination of professional medical conferences
  • Building knowledge among the UMC of El Paso team
  • Support for Nursing Workforce Development Training

As a teaching hospital, it is imperative to provide opportunities for fellowships and support to the trained physicians, nurses, and medical researchers of University Medical Center of El Paso. In collaboration with UMC and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center El Paso/Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, fellowship programs are available.

UMC Foundation of El Paso supports and encourages professional medical conferences that disseminate accurate and current information about innovations and cutting-edge technologies in medical care and inspire collegial learning among medical professionals. This endeavor aims to help them access information on advanced medical technologies.

Moreover, UMC's Nursing Workforce Development Program (NWDP) provides training for incumbent workers in order to ensure a highly qualified nursing workforce. Nurses with a two-year Associate's (ADN) degree receive the additional training and education to achieve a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.