About our Patients

Our Patients: Stories of Bravery, Determination and Healing

Tremendous adults with remarkable stories are what we experience every day at University Medical Center. Each moment there are hearty stories of bravery, determination and healing, made possible by a team of dedicated physicians and caregivers who get up in the morning to make someone better. Join us in this celebration of courage and commitment.

Veronica Magallanes

“It was an abdominal pain right here in my lower abdomen,” said Veronica Magallenes. It was to the point of having you crouching over where you’re just holding your stomach. I had a lot of vomiting, chills, fever. And I ended up going to two other hospitals and at one of them, they gave me a shot of morphine and said  ‘okay, go visit your physician and that was that.’” Veronica said when she came to University Medical Center, they were very thorough. 



Jesus Gallegos

Jesus Gallego was 72 years old when he was mowing the yard of a friend when suddenly as he puts it, “The lights went out….it hit me; it snuck up on me.” A neighbor called 911, making all the difference during the occurrence of his severe stroke. Thankfully, the story has a good ending.




Liliana Martinez 

Just a day before Liliana Martinez turned 43 years old she received some of the worst news anyone can receive. Her brother had committed suicide and passed away on her birthday. During the funeral services, Liliana started to feel nauseous and began to vomit. She was taken to UMC Scherr Legate Trauma Center. They found she had a mass in her stomach. Learn more about Liliana’s journey and how Sobreviviendo El Cancer/Surviving Cancer helped her.



 Zeth Aho

- “I was up in Cloudcroft for Labor Day weekend,” said Zeth Aho who was camping and he brought his four-wheelers with him. “I went out for a ride with my wife and after about an hour, I came around a corner that turned into really loose rock and the back end came out of the four-wheeler. Zeth lost control and fell, realizing he couldn’t sit up and his legs felt like “jelly.” Hear his story.



Jessica Castaneda

Thirty-three year old Jessica Castaneda suffered a horrific car accident. Thanks to the specialized staff at the Intensive Care Unit at University Medical Center, Jessica is still alive. Watch her story.





John Yager 

– John Yagger had started to dread going out to a restaurant to eat due to his constant indigestion and difficulty in swallowing. John was diagnosed with a condition called Barrett’s Esophagus; a complication of gastric acid reflux. Watch the video to find out...





Nicolas Madrid

– It was one of those days and Nicolas Madrid was working under a truck on the carriage when the brakes failed and fell on his arm and shoulder. Following surgery on his left arm and shoulder, physical therapy was critical for recovery. See how UMC’s wound care team heals wounds, restores function and promotes general wellness.




Bobby Fitzgerald

Bobby was traveling through the Guadalupe Mountains in New Mexico when he suffered an accident. He was airlifted to University Medical Center’s Scherr Legate Trauma Center . Thanks to the superior care he received, Bobby survived. Explore the details of his recovery.